When Performance Matters.


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Sody has a comprehensive knowledge of concrete placement, finishing procedures, mix evaluation, and climate considerations for industrial, commercial, and institutional concrete projects.

Serving general contractors, building owners, state and county municipalities, we offer in-depth experience, skilled workmanship, conscientious supervision, schedule responsibility and accurate job quotes.

Sody stands ready to perform:

Slabs On Grade
Elevated Slabs On Metal Deck
Elevated Formed Decks
Post-tensioned Slabs
Concrete Paving
Structural Excavation And Backfill
Formwork Design And Installation
Reinforcement Installation
Concrete Placement And Finishing
Structural Or Elevated


Our mission is to provide quality concrete construction to all clients in a safe, timely, and affordable manner.  At the end of each job, we know that each project was performed with skill, efficiency and integrity.