When you first meet Tjark Steg, you quickly see that he is meant for the work he does at Sody. In fact his name, Tjark, means a person that is distinguished and full of strength. Since 1987, Tjark has strengthened his concrete construction skills, learning from his father before him. Today, as a Project Supervisor, he leads teams in the field, overseeing major projects, always with an eye for safety and quality. 

Looking back over his 33 years on the job, Tjark remembers projects that faced severe weather extremes. He recalled battling the snow blizzard of 2003, dumping 30 inches of snow over five days, as Sody was working at Andrews Air Force Base. He sited jobs that were both important and memorable – The FBI Field Office and Garage, the Equipment Maintenance and Operations Center in Gaithersburg and the current project – Howard County Courthouse. 

Tjark grew up in the Cub Hill area of Baltimore County, attended Loch Raven High School and now lives in Belair. When away from the job he enjoys hunting, fishing and crabbing with his children. 

Tjark is quick to say that he enjoys the work and camaraderie of his fellow works. We truly appreciate his loyalty and work ethic – you are an important part of Team Sody, a positive influence on those you work with and a valuable asset to the customers we are proud to represent.